The law firm built
for startups.

We are innovative lawyers with varied law and business experience. Sparring helps startups succeed and makes your innovations more vibrant, across the tech landscape. Whether you are a health, space, or financial technology startup, we are here to support your team.

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Trusted and recommended by tech visionaries 

From initial idea to country expansion, we partner with leading ideas.

Challenging the Business of Law

Fair conditions and transparent pricing

With our subscription model, we let you know upfront what our services are going to cost. No surprises.



We believe that startups changing the world for the better are the ones that thrive. 



Legal services must evolve at the same pace as startups. We make Law work for you.


Services built for startups

From initial idea to successful exit, our lawyers support your growth by sharing their legal expertise as well as their own startup experience.

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Launching your business

Incorporation,  founders agreements, employment contracts, and equity 

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Creating and sharing your MVP

Software development and UX/UI design agreements, license agreements, open-source, and SLAs 

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Protecting your brand

Intellectual property 360, including copyright, trademarks, patents, and continuous infringement screening

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AI, Big Data, and Data Policy

Legal framework on data sets utilization and protection of algorithms; Privacy policy, cookies, CCPA, GDPR

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Corporate matter made easy

International holding, ESOP, M&A, housekeeping and filings

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Fintech, medtech, legaltech, blockchain, AI & Big Data, consumer protection

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Move HQ to the US

Team and/or company

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Investment rounds advisory

Early seed and angel rounds through to mergers, acquisitions and exits


Our Pricing 

From first-time founders at the early stages of growth to veteran builders running more advanced scale-ups, we offer pricing as dynamic as your business. With our subscriptions, we join your team and act as your in-house counsel. We meet you in Slack, Google docs, and any other platforms you utilize. For specific projects that you need finalized fast, we offer modules. 


Both approaches provide the price up front, giving you peace of mind.

Starting price for subscriptions: $1,250

If you are looking for continuous support, our subscriptions are prepaid services, charged monthly. For example, $1,250 per month could provide you with basic contract review and legal support.

Starting price for modules: $1,500

Opting for a module is perfect if you need one-off support. A module could suit you if you are incorporating your company,  preparing for an investment round, or setting up an equity share program (ESOP).  

Meet our team

At Sparring our team takes into consideration the unique requirements of dynamic and fast-growing startups, including a detailed understanding of your business and product. We take pride in our breadth of expertise, startup experience, and the friendly relationships we develop with clients.


Let's get coffee

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